This retreat offers YOU:

Opening Sacred Space

Fire & Water ceremonies

Intuitive Art using dōTERRA essential oils

Ancient Divine Feminine practices


Power of the Voice

Gateway to the Heart & Womb

Plus much more

What is the IntuARTive process?

  • Learning to connect and play with your innate creative voice to express and understand your intuition

  • Intuitive painting is layers of painting or mark making with various brushes, implements and your hands/fingers and the dōTERRA essential oils, without an anticipated result in mind

  • The piece of ‘art’ you have at the completion of the process is a living organic energetic expression of your journey which will continue to work with and on you at a vibrational level to support the work from the session

6th to 10th July 2023

Sometimes we all just need to RETURN to ourselves.

That opportunity to step off the wheel of life and allow ourselves time to relax, recharge and nourish our souls.

Honour that voice inside of you that is craving space and nourishment away from the regular routine of everyday life. Recognise that voice as your inner Goddess, that ancient feminine wisdom of your soul.


It is time to listen to her. Allow her that stillness she craves. Restore your spirit to wholeness.

You inner Goddess is whispering to you - if you're reading this then you’ve heard her.


Allow Her this RETREAT.

Meet your Facilitators

Kirstie Lilith - is a Divine channel & animal communicator. Kirstie offers guidance in times of change to allow clarity and calmness. She empowers souls to truly recognise their own inner god & goddess, that divine masculine & feminine aspect of themselves that is just waiting to rise again.

This powerful and inspirational retreat is set in the stunning Charente countryside in France. This will be a soul nourishing 4 night retreat which will allow you the space to reconnect to your Divine Feminine essence and drop into your heart space to find the joy and peace within.

The retreat is being held in a magical setting, it will truly enable you to let go and just BE and to find the stillness within. It will allow you the space to reconnect with joy and to sink even further and bathe in your true essence as you embrace the cyclic healing nature of the Divine Feminine.

This retreat is also being held over the powerful and extremely transformative energies of the 7/7 portal, so you truly will be supported on every level.

Terms & Conditions

The deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellation of your place for any reason (other than that covered under the COVID19 policy) will be subject to the following:

Up to and including 25th May 2023: Refund of all monies paid to date minus £200 deposit.

After 25th May 2023: No monies will be refunded.

COVID19 Policy
In the event that the venue cancels due to COVID19 or the Government guidelines change not allowing our group to meet, the retreat will either be refunded in full or rescheduled for a later date.

Note: We would recommend that you take out personal travel insurance to cover yourself for any eventuality.

Rachael Webber - is an intuitive healer and teacher. A truly inspiring soul, Rachael uses her amazing connection to source to help and guide people along their journey of discovery and awakening.


Shared occupancy (4 places) - £800

Single occupancy (2 places) - £899

The retreat is full board with organic plant based meals and refreshments served throughout the day.

A non-refundable deposit of £200 secures your place.

A payment plan is available for the balance, please enquire if interested.

Balance is due no later than 6 weeks prior to the retreat on or before the

25th May 2023

Retreat starts 5pm on Thursday 6th July

Retreat finishes 10am on Monday 10th July.

For those who would like some additional travel assistance we will be happy to advise, please contact us for more information. Please email either Kirstie ( or Rachael (

The Venue

​Set in the beautiful Charente countryside, it is believed that a dwelling existed here from the 15th century. It is also thought that the pilgrims' path ‘le chemin de saint jacques de compostelle’ (which is 4 km away in Verteuil sur-Charente) may well have brought many pilgrims from Verteuil along the track that runs beside the property.

The beautiful retreat accommodation consists of two, two bedroom gîtes sitting side-by-side facing a gently shaded courtyard, they back onto meadow land where you can see the mill stream. The gîtes are exceptionally well appointed and comfortable.

The space is at the end of a track and does not get passing traffic - apart from the odd tractor or two.

The ethos of the space here as a whole is to make you feel important and cared for and loved - which you are.

The L’Argentor (silver/gold) river runs through the bottom of the garden, there is a large pond that encourages lots of wildlife, and a gentle millstream which is a wonderful place to sit and contemplate, relax and revive.

In the three acre garden, nestled on either side by open meadows, and with an incredible variety of *trees, plants, flowers and lots of elemental energy - you can wander freely and soak in the atmosphere, rewilding at its finest. A large secluded swimming pool with plenty of lounging space including a pool side gazebo with a double lounger is a great place to relax and cast your dreams. A large Buddha statue sits atop a planted garden which is a  wonderful area for meditation, and is close to L’Espace (The Space) which is the retreat venue - this is a large (7M diameter) round canvas space, with four doors for the four cardinal directions - which is wonderful for creating ceremonies.

A large tree canopied gravel communal seating area is where meals are held, and is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy company in dappled shade or as the stars and moon arrive.

*There is a booklet and information about the spiritual and energetic healing properties of specific trees at the retreat space, available for you on arrival.