Lilith Magdalene Retreat

This powerful and inspirational retreat is set in the stunning Charente countryside in France. This will be a soul nourishing 4 night retreat which will allow you the space to reconnect to your Divine Feminine essence and drop into your heart space to find the joy and peace within.

The retreat will truly enable you to let go and just BE and to find the stillness within. It will allow you the space to reconnect with joy and to sink even further and bathe in your true essence as you embrace the cyclic healing nature of the Divine Feminine.

All About Spirit Retreat

Would you like a safe and nurturing environment where you can really explore your psychic and mediumship skill as well as explore your own spirit?

This retreat offers you the unique opportunity to continue your path of self discovery and self healing as well as to expand your psychic abilities and knowledge of mediumship.

Lilith Retreat

Join myself and the Ancient Goddesses for this one day mini retreat that will allow you the opportunity to connect to yourself again.

To recharge your batteries.

To connect to that peace and stillness within and to leave feeling more empowered and ready to face the world again.

Everyone needs the gift of a day like that!

Divine Guidance

Individual bespoke session to bring forward divine guidance and healing where you most need it in your life. Everyone needs a helping hand at times and particularly during these changing energies.

Animal Communication & Healing

A bespoke session with you and your animal to help you understand your animal more and help them through any difficulties or challenges that they may be having. Like us they also need a helping hand at times.

​​​​Mentoring & Training

I offer private mentoring sessions for people that wish to learn how to develop their own gifts and connection to spirit. 

I also run one day animal communication training courses for people that wish to learn to communicate with the animal kingdom themselves.

It would be my honour and privilege to help guide you and your animal along your journey to enable you to gain clarity and become more empowered.

Below details the various ways that you can work with me either on a one to one basis or a group setting. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

I look forward to working with you! 

Work with Me