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About  my spiritual journey

Hello & Welcome!!

​​I'm Kirstie and I am a Divine channel and animal communicator.  I have always been aware that I was different from other people and never quite fitted in. A few years ago now, my life was following a reasonably 'normal' path when the spirit stepped in and my life came crashing down around my ears! In the healing phase that followed, my life opened up in a completely different direction and I discovered my connection to spirit and I have never looked back!!

​I am passionate about helping people and animals find their voice. I am very blessed to be able to communicate with animals and spirits clearly and to be able to bring through their messages to offer support and guidance. I work mainly with the higher realms of guides, ascended masters, archangels, and star beings. My focus centres on facilitating spiritual awakenings and supporting others on their journey of self-discovery.

Whilst on this journey, I have discovered that I am a star being from a planet called Arcturus and have come to Earth at this time to help people evolve into the highest versions of themselves. I am a wayshower and ascension guide. I am here to empower and guide people as they embody their divine self and truly remember who they are.  

I am not alone in this mission, there are thousands of my brothers and sisters helping to shine their light on the world too, and raise the consciousness of the planet to allow Earth to ascend once again and to birth a new Golden Age of Miracles. If you are reading this right now then you are more than likely a star being too!


Kirstie Lilith

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My spiritual journey over the last few years with both the animals and Divine beings have led me to places that I could not ever have dreamt of. I have been encouraged and pushed to step out of my comfort zone time and time again as I learn to embody my divinity and true self. I am truly humbled by the faith that Spirit and Animals place in me to help them. My life is devoted to them and it is an absolute honour and privilege to be walking this path with them by my side.

I am so fortunate and blessed to be helped on this journey by my adorable and extremely gifted cats.

I would like to introduce you all to ​SABRINA and PHOENIX.

They were sent to me from the universe in 2019, after my existing tribe all devastatingly returned back to spirit. They are brother and sister and are here to help me on the next part of my journey.

They too are from Arcturus and we have spent many previous lifetimes together. Phoenix, the black and white one, is a Master Healer and helps me when working with the animals. His knowledge and healing abilities are vast and I am his ever willing student. Sabrina is very gifted in her own right, wise and powerful - and definitely knows it!

It is my absolute privilege to be able to share this life with them and I am eternally grateful for all the help they provide me in my work. In addition to their spiritual mission, they are the most adorable cats you could ever wish to meet and they bring so much joy to my life!! 

Ascended masters meaning

The term "ascended masters" generally refers to highly evolved spiritual beings who have transcended the cycle of reincarnation and attained a higher level of consciousness or enlightenment. These beings are believed to have once lived human lives, but through spiritual growth and mastery, they have ascended beyond the need to reincarnate into physical form.


Ascended masters are viewed as guides and teachers who can offer wisdom, guidance, and assistance to those on the spiritual path. Examples of ascended masters include figures like Jesus, Buddha, and various other spiritual leaders from different cultures and traditions.

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What are higher realms of guides

The higher realms of guides refer to spiritual beings that exist on higher planes of consciousness beyond the physical realm. These guides are often believed to possess a higher level of wisdom, insight, and understanding than beings in the physical world.


They may include angels, ascended masters, spiritual teachers, or other enlightened beings. These guides are able offer guidance, support, and assistance to individuals on their spiritual journey, helping them navigate challenges, gain insight, and align with their higher purpose.

What are archangels

Archangels are powerful spiritual beings believed to be among the highest-ranking angels and serve as messengers or intermediaries between the divine realm and humanity.


Archangels are often associated with specific qualities, virtues, or aspects of creation, and they are thought to carry out important tasks such as delivering messages from the divine, providing protection, guidance, and assistance to humans, and overseeing cosmic events.

Each archangel is often associated with specific roles or attributes; for instance, Michael is often depicted as a warrior archangel who protects against evil, Gabriel is known as a messenger archangel who announces important divine messages, Raphael is associated with healing and guidance, and Uriel is often associated with wisdom and illumination.

Star Beings.jpg

What are star beings

"Star beings" or “galactic beings” are terms used to refer to beings believed to originate from other star systems or dimensions beyond Earth. These beings are often described as having advanced consciousness, technology, and wisdom beyond that of humanity.


Star beings are often seen as beings of light or higher consciousness who come from distant star systems or dimensions to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution. They may be viewed as guides, mentors, or helpers who offer wisdom, healing, and guidance to individuals and the collective consciousness.


Kirstie is a kind and compassionate soul who always delivers her messages from her heart. She has shown me a depth of knowledge, integrity and passion for her animal and human work. Her mediumship skills and intuition flow in abundance to create a beautiful source of connection between the two worlds. I would not hesitate to recommend Kirstie and her valuable work 😍 

- Hilary, Suffolk

Ways to Work with Me!

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​Divine Guidance

Individual bespoke session to bring forward divine guidance and healing where you most need it in your life. Everyone needs a helping hand at times and particularly during these changing energies.


spiritual Animal Communication & Healing

A bespoke session with you and your animal to help you understand your animal more and help them through any difficulties or challenges that they may be having. Like us they also need a helping hand at times.


Mentoring & Training

I offer private mentoring sessions for people that wish to learn how to develop their own gifts and connection to spirit. 

I also run animal communication training courses for people that wish to learn to communicate with the animal kingdom themselves.

A morning yoga session peering into the
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Divine Living

A supportive online group to empower you to navigate these new multi-dimensional energies. It is also designed to develop and expand your psychic abilities in a nurturing environment.

ways to work with me

Do you wish to live an enlightened life?


Are you ready to embrace your true self?

Divine Living guides you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Includes channelled wisdom from the Ascended Masters and Goddesses.

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