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Welcome to the Divine Living book resources!

And as a FREE gift especially for my Divine Living readers - from my heart to yours - I am offering one of my meditations from my album ‘Meditations for the Soul’.

In addition to this I am also giving you the opportunity to receive the recording to my Connect with your Spirit Guides Masterclass!

In this Masterclass you will learn:

About Spirit Guides
Different types of Spirit Guides
How your Spirit Guides connect with you
Ways in which you can connect to them
How to build a relationship with your Spirit Guides


To obtain your FREE copy of the beautiful and powerful meditation - "Walk with the Goddesses"


Your FREE recording of Connect with your Spirit Guides Masterclass

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Below is a collection of informative resources that I referenced in my book to help guide and assist you on your own self-discovery journey.

Madeleine Walker - Animal Communicator and Spiritual Empowerment Coach


Vicki Powell - EFT/Matrix Practitioner, Registered Nutritional Therapist


Numerology/Angel numbers


Spirit Animal


Spirit Animal books:

Connect to your Spirit Guides meditations:

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